Put your dev workload in even safer hands with OpenShift Container Platform on Azure

Develop more, faster and more securely, with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
– now available on Microsoft Azure.

Right now, businesses of all sizes are under pressure to respond to customers’ needs, while keeping costs low and productivity high. Staying ahead means delivering rich, nuanced and data-led experiences. Typically, this means digitising assets and processes, and identifying new and more streamlined ways of hosting apps and getting them to market. It’s why Red Hat has recently partnered with Microsoft to offer our OpenShift Container Service on Azure.

OpenShift helps your technical teams easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or private. Whether it’s on-premise, in a public cloud, or hosted, you have an award-winning platform that can help you develop, test and manage the apps upon which your business depends.

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Gain choice and flexibility with Red Hat and Microsoft.

  • Work your infrastructure harder

    Get more from your existing set-up by densely and efficiently hosting apps across your computer infrastructure.

  • Host your apps in the way that suits you

    Realise a true hybrid strategy around your hosting requirements, with a level of abstraction that makes it possible to host and manage workloads across different models.

  • Deploy more apps, faster

    Whether you’re releasing your apps to market or using them internally, OpenShift enables your dev teams to produce better apps much faster and more effectively - in a way that’s safe and secure and reliable.

  • Help your dev teams self-service

    Developers can independently set up dev environments in an instant, and work securely across a huge number of development languages. They can also get instant access to replica dev environments, meaning you can quickly update and deploy revisions.

  • Enjoy enterprise-grade security

    Get the peace of mind of knowing your precious data is stored in Australian on-shore datacentres, in Azure – the world’s most trusted hosting platform.  

  • Scale quickly and easily

    Thanks to OpenShift’s smart container storage, you can store your apps incredibly densely – meaning far less storage overhead. If you need more storage, you simply add more containers.

  • Raise the standards of your dev work

    By standardising development across your business, you can eliminate quality problems, defects and issues and encourage your tech teams to work more consistently and collaboratively. OpenShift on Azure means your developers take a more uniform and collaborative approach to development which benefits the organisation as a whole.

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For IT professionals, OpenShift on Azure means:

  • A single, powerful platform in which to develop and maintain all apps.

  • Self-service and the ability to set up new dev environments independently.

  • A robust framework built on proven open source technologies including Red Hat, Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes and Docker.

  • Enterprise-grade security, compliance and container management.

  • Extended app support with new and updated runtimes. from small, medium or large packages and can scale according to business demand.

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Red Hat and Azure offering more choice and flexibility

For you, the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership means:

  • Market-leading technology: Together, we are able to offer the most comprehensive, up to date enterprise grade technology and services across hybrid environments in Australia.
  • Support: We can offer integrated, co-located support for your end users.
  • Cost savings: As OpenShift on Azure is available as a managed service, you can consume it as an operating expense and simply pay by the month for the services you need.
  • Enterprise grade security: Rely on Azure’s reputation as the world’s most trusted hosting service.
  • Easy to access: Simply download OpenShift on Azure from the Azure Marketplace to get started.

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